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If you receive a trespass warning citation from security at a hotel or casino you will be either arrested or cited again if you return to the premises. “in Nevada and especially Las Vegas if you are having too much fun” in a casino or doing something that is frowned upon by security you will often end up handcuffed and find yourself detached from your friends and alone in a security office. It is important that you listen carefully at this point in the evening because most likely you will be read the Nevada Statute pertaining to trespass and will be further warned that if you return to this establishment you will be arrested.
is it legal for a casino to trespass me by warning me not to return  and prohibit me from coming back without being arrested ? Yes because casinos and other businesses that issue these warnings are private organizations that can refuse service to you for any reason and they have the option to decide who they want in their establishment and who they want to keep out.
often times an attractive female will enter a casino dressed very provocatively and will be approached by security and asked for identification and then asked to leave the casino for apparently no reason. Again although it seems like unfair treatment of this female the security has the authority to ask her to leave,warn her not to return, and detain her and call police if she returns.
why do casinos and other establishments trespass people when they are apparently doing nothing wrong? A lot of times it is in the opinion of security that these females might be in the casino for the wrong reasons and will try to take advantage of the legitimate customers already present in the casino .

if you receive a trespass warning and you return you run the risk and could  be detained , arrested or cited by police.
Our office can help represent you if you are arrested for trespassing as their are defenses that can be raised as to the sufficiency of the warning not to return and in some cases we can work with the establishment. To have the warning rescinded allowing you to return without any of the  risk previously mentioned above.

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