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Marijuana is legal in Nevada for medical and recreational purposes

What does Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska all share in common? They are all in the dope game! That’s right each of these states have legalized recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21.

Although recreational marijuana is legal you can only legally buy marijuana in Nevada with a medical marijuana card, because no stores can sell recreational marijuana for several more months. Nevada’s Department of Taxation has until Jan. 1, 2018, to come up with the the regulations that will govern retail marijuana dispensary licenses and sales. The department has been working on temporary regulations that would allow for licensed medical shops to sell some recreational products, but the temporary regulations will not begin until this summer.

Additionally, only adults 21 years and older can use marijuana for recreational purposes, and a person can only possess up to one ounce of marijuana, or up to 1/8 of an ounce of marijuana concentrates, at any given time.

Driving stoned is still a crime, but you can drive around with marijuana in your car as long as you aren’t consuming it and it is within the legal amount to posses. Not even passengers can pass a joint around in the backseat while you remain the sober driver, and  they are not allowed to smoke in the car under the new law.

Recreational pot cost

Buying an 1/8 ounce of medical marijuana (about 7-8 joints) will run between $30 and $50, depending on the quality of the strain. Recreational marijuana will have additional taxes that are passed on to the consumers, so prices will likely be slightly higher. The state of Nevada is going to enact a 15 percent excise tax on the wholesale of marijuana. Those taxes are typically passed onto customers and included in the full retail price to offset the costs incurred by dispensaries. The tax department will determine a “fair market wholesale value” for marijuana to be the basis for that tax. All marijuana, marijuana products and paraphernalia will be subject to standard state and local sales taxes and the revenue from that excise taxes will go directly into the state’s education fund. The other taxes collected will be handled like standard sales taxes: They’ll go to the state, which will distribute the funds to local municipalities and governments.


Unless you live in the most rural parts of Nevada, you will most likely not be able to grow your own marijuana.  To legally grow your own, you will have to live more than 25 miles from a marijuana dispensary. That eliminates the most populous chunks of Clark and Washoe counties — about 80 percent of the state’s population — as only a handful of towns are far enough away to grow in those counties.  Those who do live far enough away to grow marijuana legally will be allowed to grow up to 6 plants per individual, up to a maximum of 12 plants in residences with more than one person. Plants must be grown where they are not “visible from a public place by normal unaided vision,”

Nevada still wants to keep your habit a secret and you will not be able to  smoke it in public, and specifically outlaws smoking or consuming marijuana in any fashion in public, in a retail shop and in a moving vehicle. You can’t gamble and smoke marijuana either cause Casinos in Nevada abide by federal law. The Nevada Gaming Commission said in November that allowing or promoting marijuana consumption inside a casino property would be viewed as detrimental to the state’s regulatory reputation and advised gaming companies to keep their distance from pot.  So as of right now the only legal place to smoke or consume cannabis is in a private residence. Public consumption is a misdemeanor that could bring a citation with a fine up to $600 per offense.

Only licensed dispensaries can sell marijuana. The non-licensed sale of marijuana is a felony. You can give marijuana to someone as a gift as long as it’s under the state’s allowable limit and is going to someone 21 years or older, there’s nothing in the law that says you can’t give marijuana to another adult as a gift.    if you give it to someone under that’s illegal, and is considered a misdemeanor. If they’re under 18, it is a gross misdemeanor.

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