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How an ICE hold could effect your case in Las Vegas


If you are a person who is living in the State of Nevada, without any legal documentation to be permitted to live in the United States, and you are arrested for Domestic Violence the division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement better known as ICE will initiate a “hold” on you when you are processed into the jail after your arrest.

The “hold” will prevent you from walking out of the jail after you post your bail or hire a bail bondsman to post a bond on your behalf.

Why does this matter? Because ICE will take you into their custody, and you will have additional court dates in the State of Nevada that you will now be unable to attend.  ICE will hold you in their custody until you either sign papers agreeing to deportation or you are able to see an immigration judge.

ICE will not bring you to any future court dates and a warrant will be issued from the judge in your case in the State of Nevada.

The immigration department will deal with you differently because your case for domestic violence will still be pending, and they will not know the outcome.  The immigration judge will set a higher bail amount for you because the outcome of your state court case for domestic violence is still unknown.

It is a better approach to resolve your case in the State of Nevada first, before you try to post bail or hire a bail bondsman.

You may think you are helping expedite the process but you ultimately will just end up sitting in the custody of ICE for a longer period of time.

If you can get your case in Nevada resolved first by either a dismissal at trial or a successful plea negotiation  and reduction of the charge it will make dealing with ICE go much smoother and faster.

If ICE knows now that your case in Nevada has been dismissed the agent assigned to your case will most likely recommend an OR release from custody or nominal bail.

The immigration department will be more lenient and you will most likely not be deported.

So if you are arrested for domestic violence and find out you have an ICE hold do not post bail or hire a bail bondsman.  Get your case in Nevada resolved first so you can deal with immigration with a known disposition of your case.