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DUI Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I was just arrested, what should I do?

Although your court date may not be for many months, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Q. Will I lose my license if I have been arrested for DUI?

If you submitted to a breath test at the jail or possibly in a DUI van, your driving privileges may already be suspended. You will not receive any notice from the DMV. If you hire our office to handle this portion of your case, we will immediately request an administrative hearing to challenge the loss of your driving privileges and request a temporary license for you. In generally takes 1-3 business days for your license to be available. You will then take $2.25 to any full-service DMV, with two (2) forms of identification and pick up your license.

If you submitted to a blood draw, your results will likely not be available for  4 to 6 months. Regardless, it is far much more beneficial to you if you contact us as soon as possible after your arrest to begin preparation of your defense. There may be valuable evidence that is in danger of being destroyed if you do not act quickly.

Q: What will happen if I am convicted of a DUI?

You could go to jail for a minimum of 2 days, and a maximum of 6 months, and you will pay fines and be required to take classes. (License suspension for 90 days)

Q: I live in a State other than Nevada. What should I do?

You should contact us before you make plans to attend your first court appearance. We have Las Vegas DUI attorneys who focus on preparing your legal defenses to DUI immediately upon being retained.   So long as you have an attorney, he or she can appear, and you will not need to attend the first appearance. In fact, we have had many clients whose matters we resolved without our out of State clients ever having to appear.