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Bankruptcy Lawyers Las Vegas

Millions of Americans have been affected by our current economic scene, resulting in many families being adversely affected by job losses that have led to being overwhelmed by debt. Other causes for getting behind on bills include such life-changing events as a divorce, a death in the family or a serious medical emergency. A skilled Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney from Advanced Litigation can provide help and answers on what solutions there might be for resolving those debt issues. We will work diligently to help them get through this difficult time. Our clients receive full attention from our staff at all stages of the case and aggressive representation in court.

Are you in financial trouble?
The accumulation of too many debts can occur for many different reasons, including the loss of a job, a healthcare crisis, a divorce, the frequent use of high interest credit cards, or spending more money than you earn. When a person can no longer pay their bills, they will face mounting pressure from creditors attempting to collect on the money they are owed. Creditor collection tactics can include repetitive phone calls and letters, lawsuits, foreclosure, repossession and wage garnishment. There are various solutions to reducing, and even eliminating your debts, including loan modification, debt settlement, debt negotiation and bankruptcy.

If you are struggling financially, seek legal advice from a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer at Advanced Litigation Services. A qualified attorney from our firm can review your financial situation and discuss your options. We are an experienced bankruptcy law office that has helped many clients with money problems resolve their financial difficulties. Our firm can answer any questions you have regarding Chapter 7, Chapter 13, alternatives to bankruptcy, bankruptcy exemptions, bankruptcy myths, as well as discharging your debt, debt relief, debt litigation, debt consolidation, foreclosure defense, filing for bankruptcy, the benefits of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy process, credit restoration and determine if bankruptcy is right for you?

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