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Joseph Iarussi is a Nevada licensed attorney, he is here to assist you in any legal situation. We offer Las Vegas litigation services for many individuals. We guarantee aggressive representation in criminal matters for an affordable flat fee for the entire case so you know what you are paying up front and not billed excessive hourly rates. We handle all criminal matters such as DUI, domestic disputes, drug and theft charges, and clearing arrest warrants. We also handle civil cases, bankruptcy, and personal injury matters. Our clients receive full attention from our staff at all stages of the case and aggressive representation in court.


Any person accused of a criminal offense in the Las Vegas area should act quickly in contacting a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Advanced Litigation. Las Vegas has some of the toughest law enforcement teams, both federal and state, as well as dedicated career prosecutors who have every intention to convict you on the charges – whether you are guilty or not. You need an equally committed and talented defense attorney to fight for your side if accused of a criminal offense. Whether accused of a first time DUI or a serious felony offense, retaining the services of a defense attorney with experience and a proven record definitely matters. It is a well known fact that the quality and talent of a defense attorney has a big impact on the case outcome. Don’t take chances with your future.